Thursday, June 9, 2011


I don't know what I was thinking.  I'm claiming temporary insanity.  Preggers brain gone wild.

Yesterday I decided we* should get crackin' on that flooring project I've been considering since we bought the house.

*by 'we' I mean 'me'.  Hubby avoids DIY like the plague...mayonaise.

You see, there was some 'el cheapo' laminate flooring in the entry hall and kitchen.  Apparently the previous owners didn't get the memo that laminate shouldn't be used in areas that are exposed to water.  There were lumps and bumps in the flooring caused by water in the kitchen and near the front door.

flooring before 

Oh...and the other thing.  I HATE laminate.  Maybe a good quality laminate with a quality sound barrier would be okay, but I hate the sound of it when you wall on it, or drop something on it....or the dogs nails get to long and start clacking on it.  I weird like that.

I'd been considering getting the newer vinyl plank flooring.  Durability of vinyl (+ for someone with dogs!) and looks and feels like wood floors.  And another bonus, no 'clack' sound!

So anyways.  Back to my temporary insanity.  Have I mentioned that I'm 33 weeks pregnant?  Yeah...  After three hours of prying off quarter round and pulling up the old stuff, I was shot. I felt like an 90 year old arthritic grandma.  Seriously.  Not fun.

oh boy...flooring up, quarter round off 
check out that 'quality' job they did on the subfloor!

lovely sheet vinyl in the kitchen *shudders* oh the horror!

I got a 3 x 3 section down and decided that maybe it would behoove me to get a professional to finish this.

looking good!  too bad I don't have the mojo to finish it...

Luckily, we had someone out earlier this year to quote the work.  And lucky for me, he could squeeze us in this weekend.  So it should be done Friday!!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Fix It Friday #101

This is my first time participating in Fix It Friday over at I Heart Faces, so bear with me!

Here's the image SOOC

When I first saw this photo, I immediately thought of the darker version of Red Riding Hood that was released this year.

So here's my interpretation

Other than the obvious crop, I did a quick clean edit, adjusted some levels, ran an Everyday Element action (can't remember which one!) and applied a texture from Kim Klassen.  Next time I will take notes as I go so I can remember EXACTLY what I did.